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Here is a little overview of the work we've been doing, in collaboration with different clients. These projects are part of a series of portraits we've been shooting in order to capture stories of people and places. Some are news related (for the international TV channel i24news) and some are highlighting creative people in their own environment.

Flying over Tel Aviv - Yafo.

         It's been a year now that we bought a drone (DJI PHANTOM & GOPRO 3+ Black Edition) and since then we've done amazing shot of the city of Tel Aviv. One of the most popular beach in Tel Aviv is Gordon beach, well known for its dynamic vibes. There is the Marina nearby, the Gordon pool, the beach volley area and an open-air fitness. We wanted to see how does all this action look from above. We also went to shoot in the old city of Yafo and flew over its lighthouse. 

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv.

         The Norman Tel Aviv, is a fusion of 1920's elegance and luxury service, housed in two historic buildings, superbly restored to their unique architectural heritage. 
Olivier Heuchenne, the managing director of the hotel, showed us around. 

David Piper: Global Ambassador of Hendrick's Gin.

            It was late October and the light by the sea was perfect. My friend Margaux told me about a fun upcoming event hosted by the Ambassador of Hendrick's Gin: David Piper. It was a tasting afternoon around the making of the Gin and its well know aromas of rose and cucumber. David Piper was definitely a unique character to interview. He opens up here about his love for adventure, nonsense and mystery.

Roni Saslove & the Tasting Room.

          Roni Saslove, winemaker and manager of the Tasting Room is opening the door of her intimate wine boutique in Sarona, Tel Aviv. 

Ben Peter, owner of the Photohouse Zalmania.

          Ben Peter, grandson of the photographer Rudy Weissenstein, is the owner of the oldest photography shop in Israel. 
The PhotoHouse has been family owned for three generations and has become the most important photography archives in israel, holding over one million negatives that document Israel's fascinating history.

Sasson Gabai in Namal Yafo.

          I had the huge privilege of meeting the iconic israeli actor, Sasson Gabai, for a quick interview on a sunny day in the port of Jaffa. He truly is an inspiring person.

Luis Campos, Costa Rican artist.

          Luis Enrique Campos is a Costa Rican artist inspired by the Caribbean Landscapes from the past.
The art of Luis Enrique Campos is also inspired by memories, dreams and stories. 

Inbal Dror, wedding dress designer.

          Inbal Dror is one of the leading designer of Bridal Gowns and evening dresses in Israel. She recently opened her Showroom in Tel Aviv and welcomed us in her beautiful space. 

Rima Olvera chef at Oasis Tel Aviv.

          Rima Olvera is a chef and owner at OASIS restaurant in Tel Aviv. Located in the street of Montefiore, Rima explains where she got her passion for cooking and creating delicious and unique dishes. 

Sivan Askayo, Travel Photographer.

        I met Sivan Askayo about a year ago for a "one minute portrait" assignment. She is an amazing photographer, incredibly talented and absolutely inspiring, check out her work.

Longboard Girls Crew Israel.

          Meet Katya, another member of the Longboard crew Israel. "Longboard Girls Crew" Israel's mission is to spread the stoke and promote female longboarding in all of its glorious forms. They represent a diverse group of riders from different corners of the globe who want to build a community and encourage girls of all levels to grab a board and join! 
"The world of female longboarding is growing strong and we are excited to represent Israel and be a part of something big" Longboard Girls Crew.

Longboarding with Yoni.

         Originally from South Africa, Yoni came to Israel 6 years ago, he is now exploring the Longboarding environment all around the country. We've met him rolling around the Tel Aviv museum.

Avi's dream, the story of a young Guinean.

          Avi Bari is a young orphan refugee from Guinea. At the age of 15, he decided to flee from Guinea and its poverty to try his luck elsewhere. After an eventful journey, Avi arrived to the Sinai peninsula where Bedouins smuggled him in Israel. 

Omri, Pilot of the Israeli Air Force.

Omri is a pilot of the Israeli Air Force, Flying Camel Squadron, and took part of the last operation "Protective Edge". 

Ziv Koren, Photojournalist. 

Ziv Koren has been a professional photojournalist for 20 years. Last summer during the operation "Protective Edge" in Israel, I sat with him in his studio to talk about the responsibility of his job and what it means to him. 

Yaacov Guterman, testimony of a Holocaust survivor.

     In light of "Yom Hashoah" & “Yom Hazikaron" in Israel, which are 2 remembrance days (one for the Holocaust and for the fallen soldiers of Israel and victims of terrorism) I met Yaacov Guterman, a holocaust survivor. I got the incredible opportunity to sit with him and document his tragic story.

The First Ladies of Israel.

"The first ladies" was a project initiated by i24news diplomatic correspondant, Tal Shalev. In March 2015, for the election of the Israeli prime minister, we together followed 6 prominent Israeli women politicians on their campaign.

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