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       Going back to visit our family in Nice was a good idea, but a small weekend in Lake Como in between, was even a better one. Growing up so close to Italy, it was always fun to go there for a day trip or for some shopping time. This time around we decided to enjoy the spectacular views of the Lake. Luckily we were greeted by the sun and a perfect temperature.

 Villa d'Este

Villa d'Este

Our first stop around the lake was at the Villa d’Este in Cernobbio. From far away, we could already see the bright color of the Villa perfectly contrasting with the deep blue of the Lake.

The Villa d’Este typically represents the spirit of a classic Italian villa surrounded by beautiful gardens. 

We continued our road around the lake, stopping here and there to take pictures of the breathtaking views and the Italian scenery. 

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo sits directly on Lake Como and is situated right next to the Villa Carlotta, where we were headed. We decided to first stop at the Grand Tremezzo and enjoy the « Beach Bar » dominating the floating pool on the lake.

«Villa Carlotta» not far from the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, offers incredible botanic gardens that are worth to visit especially if you enjoy tropical plants, sequoias and rhododendrons.  

Facing the peninsula of Bellagio, we then took the ferry to take a walk in the narrow streets of the village. Bellagio, also referred to as « the pearl of the Lake », is definitely the most romantic and picturesque place of Lake Como. 

We walked through the cobbled streets and alleys of Bellagio and came across the "Villa Serbelloni". We suddenly found ourselves immersed in a Slim Aarons picture. La Dolce Vita at its best!

We ended our weekend away with an afternoon shopping in Milano before heading back to Nice.

It was the most magical escapade. Hopefully we will be back soon for a longer period to try out a little swim in one of those floating pools.